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The Sun Returns

The sun has begun to shine. It adds a brilliance to the snow that is quite lovely. It has finally stopped snowing. It snowed for over 24 hours. We got almost 2 feet of snow! But we never lost power. … Continue reading

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The Coop under the Stairs

The cold weather continues here in New England. It was -4F when I got up this morning. That is cold! There was a wind chill warning last night of temps -20F! So I am very glad that we have a … Continue reading

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Shelter from the Cold

Ok, I will be the first to admit that my girls are possibly the most spoiled hens on the planet. I shudder when I think of the plight of some poor chickens. They are the most delightful creatures …..they give … Continue reading

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Brookwood Shire on Facebook

It is very quiet at Brookwood Shire at this time of year. The gardens are sleeping…with or with out their blanket of snow. Life slows down in the winter. I have been spending lots of time by the fire, chatting … Continue reading

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Winter Returns

As expected, winter has retuned to Brookwood Shire. We awoke this morning to a snow covered world. Yet, despite the fact that January Thaw teased us with reminders of Spring and a greener world, a world I spend a good … Continue reading

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Mighty Merlin Returns

The squirrels have been feasting on the seed and oranges that I put out for the birds. And Merlin doesn’t like it. His tail has been swishing angrily all morning. Alas, to no avail. The squirrels will not be deterred … Continue reading

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Winterizing the Coop

It has been very cold the last few nights. Temperatures have been below zero…and that is fahrenheit! Even with our little wood stove going the furnace is on. It is just COLD! We can sit by our stove, drink hot … Continue reading

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