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The Incredibly Shrinking Coco

Fall is upon us now and the nights grow colder.   It was just about this time of year, six years ago, that my Vet found little Merlin.  His mother, probably feral, had abandoned him. He was  about three weeks … Continue reading

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My flight left snowy New England on time this morning. Only a day late. Two flights and a few time zones later I arrived in Portland Oregon. It is very green here. All the spring trees are in flower, the … Continue reading

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A Touch of Spring?

It has been very mild and foggy the last couple of days. It stayed above freezing last night and it is supposed to reach 50 degrees today! A very welcome change. We have always had “January Thaw” in New England…a … Continue reading

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Winter Preparations, the Wood Stove Arrives

Things have been a bit busy at Brookwook Shire the past few days. First, it has gotten COLD all of a sudden and I wanted to winterize the coop a bit. I hung a quilt….. …on the chicken wire that … Continue reading

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Post Sandy

So Sandy has passed. We were very lucky. Sandy was kind to Brookwood Shire. But for the fact that the lawn is covered with leaves again, we had no damage. We did not lose power. And our very clever girls … Continue reading

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The Season Progresses

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! Autumn continues on. It is darker in the mornings and darker earlier and earlier in the evenings. The leaves are falling. Yet the weather continues to be unseasonably warm and lovely. It may be … Continue reading

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Windowboxes, Squirrels and the Cycles of Nature

Today was a very strange day in terms of weather. After a hard frost a few nights ago, it was quite warm. A bit cloudy, then sun and then rain showers. Still I was able to get out and cut … Continue reading

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