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Nesting Boxes

As anyone who keeps hens knows, they are very particular about which nesting boxes are suitable for laying eggs.  Cluckingham Palace has multiple nesting boxes but not all are used.  Some are apparently just “no good!”   This is the preferred … Continue reading

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The Trials and Tribulations of Laying an Egg

It is not always easy to lay an egg.  At least not for my girls.  This is mostly because, despite the fact that we have multiple nesting boxes, we only have one PERFECT nesting box.   And with five hens, … Continue reading

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The Coop under the Stairs

The cold weather continues here in New England. It was -4F when I got up this morning. That is cold! There was a wind chill warning last night of temps -20F! So I am very glad that we have a … Continue reading

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