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The Cliffs and the Burren

Another day in County Clare. Today we began in my favorite place in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher. They rise up to 700 feet in places and are magnificent in all seasons. A bit foggy in the distance, but still … Continue reading

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Post Sandy

So Sandy has passed. We were very lucky. Sandy was kind to Brookwood Shire. But for the fact that the lawn is covered with leaves again, we had no damage. We did not lose power. And our very clever girls … Continue reading

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As Hurricane Sandy approaches, we wait. The weather people have been talking for days about this storm….how they have never seen anything like this before. Not this track, not three HUGE storms meeting up…not the possibility of so many millions … Continue reading

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Today has been a very exciting day at Brookwood Shire. We are busy preparing for the big storm that is coming. I am trying to finish raking the leaves that have fallen so they don’t clog the storm drains. I … Continue reading

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It was a beautiful day today…the calm before the storm? We are expecting a hurricane next week, which could merge with another storm coming from the west. They are calling it Frankinstorm since it will arrive close to Halloween. But … Continue reading

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The Season Progresses

Today was an absolutely beautiful day! Autumn continues on. It is darker in the mornings and darker earlier and earlier in the evenings. The leaves are falling. Yet the weather continues to be unseasonably warm and lovely. It may be … Continue reading

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Walking in the Woods

It was a beautiful Fall day today. It was overcast and the colors of the leaves were brilliant. So I brought the camera along when we walked Fergus. Every day we go to a wooded area near the old State … Continue reading

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