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Chilly Nights

A cold front is moving in bringing strong winds and cold nights. A low of 10F is predicted for tomorrow. Brrr! Winter is definitely making its presence felt. We are fine inside with our nice warm stove, but Cluckingham Palace … Continue reading

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St. Brigid’s Cross, Warming Days, Knitting

Time passes. We are almost halfway to the equinox. The days are brightening. In Ireland the first day of February is considered the beginning of spring. St.Bridid’s Day or Imbolc. I have read that that is the day Brigid is … Continue reading

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The Coop under the Stairs

The cold weather continues here in New England. It was -4F when I got up this morning. That is cold! There was a wind chill warning last night of temps -20F! So I am very glad that we have a … Continue reading

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Winterizing the Coop

It has been very cold the last few nights. Temperatures have been below zero…and that is fahrenheit! Even with our little wood stove going the furnace is on. It is just COLD! We can sit by our stove, drink hot … Continue reading

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Wood stove

We have been talking about getting a wood stove. Winter is coming, and with climate change one never knows what will happen. Last Halloween we had snow and lost power for three days. It wasn’t much fun. We have a … Continue reading

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