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Summer Fades

  Summer is fading.  It is darker in the mornings..and cooler.  Acorns are falling.  Random spots of color are appearing in the trees.  Leaves float gently on the breeze.  The cycle of Nature continues. I can not say where summer went….it … Continue reading

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The Bathroom is almost Finished!

During the last heat wave, when gardening was impossible, I decided to tackle the bathroom.  It is the smallest room in our house, and none of the rooms are exactly large.  So I never imagined that I would still be working on … Continue reading

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Last Thursday I found out that my Aunt had passed away. At home, in her sleep…on Valentine’s Day. I like to think that my Uncle, who passed in 2007, called her home. She was 88 years old. She had gotten … Continue reading

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Brookwood Shire on Facebook

It is very quiet at Brookwood Shire at this time of year. The gardens are sleeping…with or with out their blanket of snow. Life slows down in the winter. I have been spending lots of time by the fire, chatting … Continue reading

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Winter Returns

As expected, winter has retuned to Brookwood Shire. We awoke this morning to a snow covered world. Yet, despite the fact that January Thaw teased us with reminders of Spring and a greener world, a world I spend a good … Continue reading

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Christmas Morning

It snowed last night. Just a dusting. Not exactly a white Christmas, but it adds a bit of brightness to the morning. It is very still and quiet. The kettle is steaming on the stove, its handle gently clicking against … Continue reading

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Darkening Days

The colors of October are quickly fading to brown. It is looking more and more like November. While the textures remain interesting, the gray sky, brown leaves and naked trees can leave one in need of some color. A good … Continue reading

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