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Garden Update

While May was challenging with heatwaves and frost warnings, June has been lovely.  We even had a few rainy days!  It has been seasonal or even a bit cooler than normal…so I have been enjoying my time in the gardens.  Most … Continue reading

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Hawk update

The girls are happily back in their big run again. There was much complaining during the few days they were confined to their old run while we worked to make the new one hawk proof. We ended up doing a … Continue reading

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The Trials and Tribulations of Laying an Egg

It is not always easy to lay an egg.  At least not for my girls.  This is mostly because, despite the fact that we have multiple nesting boxes, we only have one PERFECT nesting box.   And with five hens, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Nesting Box

We have quite a few nesting boxes in Cluckingham Palace. There are the original nesting boxes. These have been in the coop since day one, long before the girls were laying. They have never used them. There is their “baby … Continue reading

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This is a quick update on yesterday’s yogurt making. I checked the yogurt after 8 hours and it was definitely yogurt, but it was still a bit runny. So I gave it another hour…a bit thicker. But why not give … Continue reading

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A New Run for the Girls

We have been having very variable weather here lately. Last week end it was cold and rainy with scattered frost warnings. This week end it has been hot…over 90F three days in a row, so our first official heat wave. … Continue reading

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The Pumpkin Patch and My Girls

For a number of years I have been thinking about growing pumpkins. I use a lot of them in the Fall to decorate, and they are also very good to eat. They store well and they are fun. But the … Continue reading

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