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My Girls are Molting

As Fall deepens and the nights grow longer and colder, eggs are fewer.  The girls go to bed earlier and earlier but seem content.  I have no eggs to sell but enough for us.  I know Amber has stopped laying … Continue reading

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The Perfect Nesting Box

We have quite a few nesting boxes in Cluckingham Palace. There are the original nesting boxes. These have been in the coop since day one, long before the girls were laying. They have never used them. There is their “baby … Continue reading

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Amber’s Egg

With the longer days and warmer weather, my girls have been laying more consistently. Most days we get five eggs, one from each hen. But they do not all lay at the same time. That is good since despite the … Continue reading

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The Coop under the Stairs

The cold weather continues here in New England. It was -4F when I got up this morning. That is cold! There was a wind chill warning last night of temps -20F! So I am very glad that we have a … Continue reading

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Surprises in the Coop

Despite promises of a warm day from the weather people, today was a gray, cold, bleak January day. The sun never quite came out, the temperature barely rose above freezing….nothing very cheery about it. This is the hardest part of … Continue reading

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Blue Eggs

Last spring, after much thought, a few discussions with friends and a bit of reading, I decided I wanted to get some hens. Well not hens, I wanted baby chicks. I knew a lot of people who had gotten chickens … Continue reading

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The girls have been laying for awhile now. Not all of them, but we get 2-3 eggs a day, which is quite wonderful. So I decided it would be a good time to make a quiche. I gathered everything I … Continue reading

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Today has been a very exciting day at Brookwood Shire. We are busy preparing for the big storm that is coming. I am trying to finish raking the leaves that have fallen so they don’t clog the storm drains. I … Continue reading

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The Wait Continues

Still no eggs! I think I am being impatient. Some books say 20 weeks…others 18.It is getting dark earlier and that can affect laying. So we put two electric candles in the window box. They add light to the coop. … Continue reading

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