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Winter Has Arrived

Winter, it appears, has arrived at Brookwood Shire…bringing snow, ice, frigid temperatures, grey skies and dark days.  A big change after the mild Fall we had,   and not my favorite season.  It is always a bit of a shock. Luckily, most … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

It is quiet.  I am sitting by the fire watching as the snow begins to fall.  It is supposed to snow all day and all night. As you can see, Merlin is already basking in the warmth of the stove. Fergus is dozing on … Continue reading

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The Incredibly Shrinking Coco

Fall is upon us now and the nights grow colder.   It was just about this time of year, six years ago, that my Vet found little Merlin.  His mother, probably feral, had abandoned him. He was  about three weeks … Continue reading

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Garden Plans

April has arrived at last!  Today started out warm and mild.  Last night’s gentle rain has already begun  greening the grass.  Green shoots are popping up everywhere.  Definitely time to think about this season’s gardens.  As always I have more … Continue reading

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Planting Seeds

We awoke to snow/sleet/freezing rain this morning. My first reaction was “Yuck!” It wasn’t that cold so it all quickly became a sloppy slushy mess. Winter is not finished with New England I am afraid. Never mind, I have seeds … Continue reading

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I finished hemming the towels last night so I thought I would post a few pictures before I start working on my seeds. I ended up using a lighter blue and a natural for the weft because the dark blue … Continue reading

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Starting Seeds Indoors

I have only been gardening for a few years. I started with flowers. Annuals first and then perennials. I was hooked! Soon I started adding vegetables. Some could be planted directly into the ground but some seed packets recommended starting … Continue reading

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