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Christmas Comes to Brookwood Shire

Christmas season has arrived at Brookwood Shire. It is such a lovely time. As the colors of Autumn fade and the outside becomes a bit frozen and lifeless, the inside grows more and more festive as greens are brought in … Continue reading

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Changes in the Coop

I have been busy in Cluckingham Palace.  As the season changes and the weather grows colder, there are things to do…winterizing, drying herbs and a few other  improvements…but there are sad changes in the coop as well.  There are only six … Continue reading

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Some Good News

Hello and Happy New Year!   The bitter cold weather that had descended upon us in mid December seems to be gone and we are having  more typical winter weather.  It is a relief to be sure….it was just TOO cold!  But is … Continue reading

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Winter Has Arrived

Winter, it appears, has arrived at Brookwood Shire…bringing snow, ice, frigid temperatures, grey skies and dark days.  A big change after the mild Fall we had,   and not my favorite season.  It is always a bit of a shock. Luckily, most … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Our warm weather continues.  It was sunny and near 60F on Christmas Day.  Very peculiar, but I am not complaining.  There will be plenty of cold, snowy days before winter is done….I can wait for it. But as a result, … Continue reading

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Waiting For Spring

It has been a very cold and snowy winter here in New England.  Like so much of the country, our temperatures are way below normal and our snowbanks are very high.  It is very discouraging.  My gardens are buried under deep snow.  This … Continue reading

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Winter Goes On…

We have had one snow storm after another for the past few weeks.  This Winter has just been relentless.   Usually we get snow, it melts a little (or a lot) and we get some more.  But not this year.  The … Continue reading

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