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Spring Has Sprung!

At long last, Spring has arrived. The daffodils are up and the hyacinth I planted last Fall have survived! It has been one of the wettest Aprils that I can remember and that follows the wettest March. Everything is a … Continue reading

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Day Two

So Fiona had her surgery on Tuesday. It went well and she came home yesterday. She was of course very happy to see us and to be home… Things started well. We gave her a frozen pumpkin/yogurt “frosty paws.” Yum. … Continue reading

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Poor Fiona

Well it seems the reprieve was short lived. After a little over a week of romping in the woods, Fiona has reinjured her knee. It is not a complete surprise, but we had hoped she would have longer. But it … Continue reading

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Surgery Afterall

As many of you may remember, in the Fall of 2017,  Fiona hurt her knee and surgery was recommended. The catch was that she was only 7 months old and the surgery would have to wait for her growth plates to close. So we spent … Continue reading

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Winter Goes On

I have never been a fan of winter and I don’t seem to become fonder of it as time goes by… it is just something to get through. This winter started out mild and snowless. No complaints from me there. … Continue reading

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Christmas Comes to Brookwood Shire

Christmas season has arrived at Brookwood Shire. It is such a lovely time. As the colors of Autumn fade and the outside becomes a bit frozen and lifeless, the inside grows more and more festive as greens are brought in … Continue reading

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Happy Fall!

  Last time I wrote I was waiting for Spring!  Well, Spring arrived at long last and quickly turned into the hottest, wettest, most humid summer I can ever remember.  By the end of July I was tired of the … Continue reading

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