Summer Fades


Summer is fading.  It is darker in the mornings..and cooler.  Acorns are falling.  Random spots of color are appearing in the trees.  Leaves float gently on the breeze.  The cycle of Nature continues.

I can not say where summer went….it seems only yesterday I was planting gardens and rejoicing in the arrival of Spring flowers.  But then there have been so many arrivals this year.   We returned from Ireland…Beatrix and Prudence came home.  And of course Fiona arrived and changed everything.  And then the baby chicks arrived.  It has been a busy summer!

Prudence continues to hang in.  Her tumor is growing, but she is eating well and enjoying the new run.

img_7197.jpgWhile her longterm future remains uncertain, she is not letting it spoil her appetite.

IMG_7250Beatrix remains queen of Cluckingham Palace (now that Prudence has stepped down from that role) and while she is tolerating the new chicks better, she does not yet like them.  


And the chicks?  Well they aren’t really chicks any more.  They have moved into the coop side of Cluckingham Palace and love it there.  They keep an eye out for Beatrix (who they have named “Dragon Lady”) and stay out of her way…but they still have plenty of space to explore.

IMG_7273Here they are roosting in the little run..a favorite place. You can see how big they are now.  Hermione is not with them…she remains a busy body and an independent girl. 

IMG_7274She is wondering if she can boss Beatrix around….  


Fiona is also growing up.

IMG_7249She is no longer a tiny puppy.  She is six months old now and looking quite the lovely young lady.

She enjoys her daily walks and is exploring the river.  

IMG_7231IMG_7235She won’t go in over her head yet.  When it gets too deep she barks at the river and comes back to shore.   

IMG_7225There are often treasures to find along the river…how great is that?

Merlin continues to HATE Fiona and will not be in the same room as her.  He chooses to stay in the cellar when she is being too rambunctious, but he comes upstairs when she is quiet or in her crate.

IMG_7178Though he still wishes she would just get out of HIS house!  It is hard to be Merlin right now.

We have also been doing a lot of sorting and organizing of things since we got back.  Last summer, when we thought we would be moving to Ireland, we packed up some things and got rid of a lot more.  Now we had to unpack the boxes and find places for everything.  An opportunity to reorganize.

IMG_7278The cellar pantry got moved.  Since we had gotten rid of a lot of stuff, it was much easier to organize it all.  I spent quite a few rainy days organizing things….linens, Christmas stuff, extra glass containers, food….it was long overdue.

Since we are planning to stay here, there are quite a few things that need doing.  Things we just didn’t bother with since we were leaving that now need to be done.  

I sanded all the woodwork on our porch/sunroom and painted it.  

IMG_7240I rearranged the furniture as well..the couch is now facing the wood stove.

IMG_7243It feels more open but still cozy.

IMG_7241And there is room for Fiona’s crate.  She doesn’t use it as much now, but if we go out, she needs to be in it.  She can’t yet be trusted not to eat the house…

There have been closets to paint and organize as well.  We are definitely settling in for the long term.

I am still determined to have my cottage kitchen so we have been starting to think about that as well.  I want open shelves instead of upper cabinets.  To get a sense of what that would look like, we took the cabinet doors off and I painted the cabinets white.

IMG_7136I basically hated it at first.  I will miss my blue cabinets.  But the shelves will look different.  This just looks like cabinets without doors.

IMG_7142Putting stuff on the shelves helped but I don’t like all the verticals.  

IMG_7149I cut fresh herbs and hung them to dry.  An improvement for sure, but it still isn’t right.

I am getting used to it and I think open shelves, wood instead of white, will work.  I am not sure when we will get to it in any case…so there is time to think about it.

The gardens have pretty much been on their own this summer.  Luckily we have had enough rain so I didn’t have to water.  I haven’t even had time to take many pictures…and it is already time to put them to bed!

IMG_7186The sweet peas did well…it was the first time I planted them so I was pleased.

IMG_7221There were plenty of tomatoes to roast and freeze along with basil for pesto.  A taste of summer for the winter months.

The flowers were lovely as well, but I must confess that the gardens were not my top priority this year.  It has just been too busy with other things!


Summer fades..Autumn approaches..  All our babies are growing up and we are settling in.     

Life at Brookwood Shire continues…and we are happy to be home!



About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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3 Responses to Summer Fades

  1. Joanne says:

    I like the open shelves. Fiona is growing up indeed. Funny, just this week I was thinking of how I hadn’t seen any of your posts in a while; I must have known you were writing…

  2. Celeste says:

    Brookwood Shire is getting prettier all the time. Love the kitchen cabinets, especially with the herbs, nice touch! Poor Bill & Merlin don’t have a chance with all you girls getting in his way!

  3. Pam R says:

    Loved reading the update on all the doings at your shire. :))

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