Turning the Page

It has been a tough few weeks here at Brookwood Shire without our beloved Fergus.  We were a bit lost.  Dogs take up a lot of space in your home and in your heart.  And Brookwood Shire feels very empty.  But life goes on and  we are trying to move forward.


I finished planting and mulching all the gardens.  But I must confess some of the joy is gone.  Things have been so uncertain here.

IMG_5316 As many of you know, we have been exploring the possibility of moving to Ireland…”when we don’t have Fergus anymore.”  Well, that is now.  It was always in the future..always a dream.  But the time has come.


So now what?  That has been the question.  We had always planned to take a few months for a “fact finding mission” to test the waters…see how it all feels.  But it is impossible to leave gardens for 2 months….they need to be tended.  So our compromise is that we would go for a couple of weeks in July and reacquaint ourselves with Ireland and then go back for a longer trip in the Autumn…and possibly find a place to rent or to buy at that point.  The gardens would survive for a few weeks…

IMG_5392But what about the girls?

IMG_5464More hard decisions.  Two hens are not a flock.  Especially two hens who don’t really like each other.  They need other hens…Beatrix needs a friend.  And it is easier for my friend Carole, who has offered to take them when we go, to integrate them into her flock in the summer.  It will be good for them to be settled before we go.  I will be able to visit and see them happy in their new home.  I will miss them and Cluckingham Palace will not be the same without them..but it will be better for them to be part of a larger flock. 

So many changes!  

IMG_5424Merlin, of course, will come with us when we eventually move….and a friend will stay with him while we are in Ireland in July.  

So that was the plan..well, it still is, but…things are falling into place more quickly that we had thought possible.  And sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  Amazingly, I stumbled upon this lovely cottage for rent.  Beautifully restored by the owner…and quite stunning.


This would go quickly. Cottages like this are rare. It would not still be available by the time we got there in July. If we wanted it, we would have to move fast.  Luckily, it is in Leitrim, where  we have a friend ..a woman who moved to Ireland just last July and writes about it on  Bonfire at the Crossroads.  You can find her blog here.  She agreed to view the cottage for us and she loved it!  So we called the owner to say we wanted it.  And yesterday, we found out that it was ours!!!!!  

We have it for a year.  So we are good to go.  During that year we hope to find “our cottage.”  We will have time to explore different parts of Ireland and see lots of cottages….I am sure one of them will be the one….

What an adventure it will be!

IMG_0697 Dreams do come true!


About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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9 Responses to Turning the Page

  1. wspines says:

    So happy that everything is falling into place. I love the cottage.

  2. wspines says:

    Looking forward to the girls joining the flock

  3. This is amazing. It never ceases to amaze me how things can suddenly align and what seemed like a difficult thing to do just happens. Go for it and enjoy it. You have quite a year ahead of you and I can’t wait to read about it here (or wherever you post about it).

    • patti says:

      I know…sometimes you just have to hang on and enjoy the ride. Which we intend to do. I will be blogging about it here and at Ireland Calling. I haven’t written anything on that since last December, but I predict a few posts in the near future. The link is retireinireland.wordpress.com. Hope all is going well with you.

      • I’m already following you there too. It’s fun to live vicariously through you on during this move. I love moving to new places, especially new countries.

        All is fantastic here. My hubby has been off his experimental treatment since March and we’re hoping he will remain in remission. (Not sure you know he was dying from cancer – terminal and only offered palliative care – so he spent time researching the latest breakthroughs in cancer treatment. A promising immunotherapy looked worth a chance and so we paid for and had the drug imported and hubby’s oncologist administered it. It worked! We’re back to thinking about a future which was something we didn’t dare do for a year.)

      • patti says:

        Oh Laura that is such wonderful news!!! I did know about his cancer and that the prognosis wasn’t good and I have been thinking about you. SO glad to hear that he is in remission and you are getting your life back. It has been a tough few years for you I know. You must be so happy! I have missed your lovely blog…
        And glad to have you along for the move…it is exciting, wonderful and a bit daunting but I think we are ready for an adventure.

  4. Michele says:

    Oh, I am very happy for you because I know it has been a long held dream of yours. However. As happy as I am for you I confess there is a sadness within me at the thought of losing my friends. My world will be a little less bright without you in it (a lot less), but when the sadness presses in I will imagine you on a cliff walk with the sound of the surf in your ears and the wind in your hair and I will smile knowing you are living your dream. I will maintain hope that my dream of going to Ireland will one day come true and we will have a Guinness in a pub! Of course we could avoid the whole sad goodbyes by just taking me with you! 😉

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