Winter Goes On…

We have had one snow storm after another for the past few weeks.  This Winter has just been relentless.   Usually we get snow, it melts a little (or a lot) and we get some more.  But not this year.  The snow just keeps coming and is piling up everywhere.  There is no where to put it!!!  It feels as if I have been shoveling for days..because I have been.  The last storm was a three day event and left over a foot of snow.  That was on top of the foot we got last week, on top of the 6″ (we really lucked out with that one) that we got the week before.  It has been too cold for any of it to melt so the snow banks just get higher and higher.



That little black dot is our mailbox.  You can see how high the snowbank is.  


The greenhouse is encased in snow.  There is nothing growing in it now anyway….I brought the plants inside.  I don’t think I will be starting seeds in there any time soon.

The birds and the squirrels are hungry.


This squirrel is heading up to the feeder for a snack.  I will have to refill it soon.


There is a bit left for Mrs. Cardinal.

IMG_4627And more over here.  Between the snow cover and the cold, it has been a tough winter for them.

The girls have been spending too much time in the Coop Under the Stairs.  

IMG_4639I let them out from time to time so they can stretch a bit.  Here they are cleaning up  bird seed that spilled when I was filling the feeders.  Helpful girls.

IMG_3589And here they are coming upstairs to tell me that they are bored.  It has been a long winter!


Fergus and Merlin are hanging out by the stove.  Merlin is fine..he loves the stove and enjoys watching the birds at the feeders, but Fergus has missed a few walks due to the weather..and that makes him sad.  He loves his walks!

So we are all trying to make the best of it.  Hopefully we will get a bit of a break and maybe even a few warm days soon.  I think we are all ready for Spring!



About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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10 Responses to Winter Goes On…

  1. Pam R says:

    Such pretty primroses. I’m off to the NOFA Soil Seminar today, and they brought in primroses to decorate a little. Such cheer!

  2. Miss Bee says:

    Oh my, it looks like you are having it bad this Winter. I have never seen so much snow! It is good to see your wood stove going because if you lost power, I would hate for you to be without heat. Looks like Fergus and Merlin know how to take full advantage of the stove. 🙂 I hope you can find some indoor activities to pass the time as you wait out the long Winter.

  3. wspines says:

    Love the prims, in another month things will be different

  4. hobacaitbe says:

    No sympathy here.
    That snow when you got 6 inches, we got over 30 inches. The next storm another 18 or so and my snowblower DIED when I was almost done. So the last 3 day event I parked the cars at the end of the drive and shoveled a lot. I’m happy to report that the parts came yesterday for the snowblower and I had it all fixed last night. So 2-3 hours today cleaned up the driveway and all of the paths to the shed, coop, wood shed and shop. I;m tired, time for a nap. This will melt, by the 4th of July.

    • pattigail says:

      I know you got an even more ridiculous amount of snow in your end of the state. At least I don’t have to worry about my snow blower dying… I don’t have one! Just my trusty shovel..but it is tiring! More on the way I hear……I am definitely in the “why do i live here?” phase of winter!

  5. pattigail says:

    I don’t think I would want to live South of the Mason Dixon line…but Ireland is looking more attractive!😊

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