Summer Solstice

Today it is official.   Summer has arrived.  It is the longest day…the summer solstice.  And how does it find us?  Well, not quite finished planting but getting there.   There are a few things left to go in the birch bed.

IMG_2074That is the garden I am working on this week end.  It is the last one….the last new one for this year at least.  I have not planted it yet but it is ready.IMG_2071Sadly I had to cut one of the birches so there are only three now.  It had a fungus and was mostly dead.  Since the fungus is catching I decided to cut it and hope the other trees haven’t gotten it yet.  I also discovered  a few gypsy moth caterpillars climbing up the trees.  Not good.   I am hoping all the rich soil in the new garden will fortify the trees and they will be ok.  I planted this tree and the maple when my father died..his favorite I do not want to lose them.

The maple food forest is done, though it turned out to be foodless.  Well there is a bit of mint.  By the time I got to planting it, it was too late to get my currant bushes and fruit trees.  They will have to wait until next Spring I think.  But I did plant some nitrogen fixers and some  pollinators.  

IMG_2026I had a lot of things I could divide.  There is purple coneflower, daisies, black eyed susans, lupine, hyssop, catmint,  false indigo…and some phlox and iris that were already there.  It will be meadow flowers for now.  And it will NOT need to be mowed!  The birch bed will be similar.

It is good that it is the last bed.  I am out of compost (and leaves for that matter!).IMG_2067The girls did an absolutely WONDERFUL job breaking down the compost.  The bins are empty.  Time to start filling them with new garden waste for next year’s compost.

The greenhouse has also not gone according to plan.  I had thought I would order the greenhouse soon to be installed this summer.  But then I had extra veggie plants from seeds I had started.  I thought about making a new bed for them and then I realized that I was planning to make beds for the greenhouse why not put them there?  They might be too hot in the greenhouse….so maybe they should just be beds for now and I will get the greenhouse in the Fall.  I don’t really need it until then.


So the overflow veggies went here.  I used logs to make the beds for now.  Over the summer I will collect rocks to replace the logs.  They will retain heat better in the winter.  But for now the logs will do…and I had them.  

IMG_2077The potato grow bags are doing very well.  They won’t have a green house to protract them from the deer so I hope they will be ok.

IMG_2083The potatoes in the straw are popping up too.  The fence will be installed next week.  I am really hoping for a potato harvest his year!


The raspberries planted last year are doing very well.  I have put some stakes and string up to keep the upright.   I am hoping for lots of raspberries, but they won’t come until the Fall.

Last year’s blueberries were moved to a sunnier location at the end of  the summer and are doing ok.  

IMG_2096We will have a few blueberries this summer.

IMG_2087The deer have not eaten any strawberries yet this year.  That grey thing is supposed to repel deer.  It had dried blood in it and Fergus is VERY interested in it.  Unfortunately…IMG_2009

…someone is nibbling the strawberries.  Just a wee bite here and there…my chipmunk friend?  or possibly the  rabbit (I have named him Peter) who is spending lots of time here nibbling grass…and maybe something else…

 IMG_2094The garlic now have scapes.  I will cut these off so the plant will focus on the bulb.  Last year I composted them but someone told me you can eat them so this year I will sauté them with something.  The garlic should be ready soon! 

In general the gardens are pretty happy.

IMG_2091The tomatoes and basil are getting bigger.

IMG_2092As are the peppers and the eggplant.

IMG_2112And we have peas!!!!

All in all the bounty of summer has begun.  And there is a promise of more still to come.  There are fruits, veggies and herbs growing…bees are busy darting from plant to plant….birds are singing happily…flowers are blooming….the abundance of summer is here and it is most welcome!

IMG_2121Happy Solstice everyone!

About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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5 Responses to Summer Solstice

  1. Are you sure Fergus isn’t eating the strawberries? Rusty discovered them last year and waited until just before they were ready to harvest to enjoy them at their sweetest. Darned dog has a sweet tooth!

    • pattigail says:

      Fergus is more interested in the grey things with the dried blood. Besides he is not so delicate and would eat the whole thing I think….Strawberries are very tempting just sitting there…and there are a lot of critters..and everyone likes strawberries!

  2. Joanne says:

    Happy Solstice! The gardens look great!

  3. Everything is looking wonderful! Happy growing!!

  4. Pam R. says:

    Have the deer eaten the potatoes in the past? I’d be very surprised if they did, as they are a nightshade and toxic.

    I gave up on strawberries as the mice got most of them.

    Scapes can be pickled, sauteed, or made into pesto. I made 12 pints of pesto from a mother lode of scapes this year, in addition to 8 pints of pickles.

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