Spring Clean Up….a Greenhouse?

The warm weather continues and I have been tidying the gardens.  Leaves left where they fell last Fall have been insulating the gardens over the cold winter.  Beneath them I discovered lots of new growth.  The more I tidied the more the gardens took shape…

IMG_1186….far from their summer glory,  but a beginning at least.

IMG_1176Fergus supervised from his shady throne.  He loves to have his bed outside..why not be comfortable?

My compost isn’t ready yet.  It was too cold this winter for much to break down.  So I got the girls to help.

IMG_1181They have been scratching and pecking for the last two days.  They are doing a great job.

IMG_1182They are finding lots of bugs and worms…and breaking down the compost as they go.  They won’t get to it all I am sure, but I am hoping for at least some finished compost for the gardens this year.

I have been tidying the vegetable beds as well.  I thought I would plant peas today but I didn’t quite manage to.

IMG_1189But I got the garden ready and put up the pea fence.  I will plant tomorrow.

IMG_1188Garlic is coming up in the front of the bed.  I think I got a little carried away last Fall.

IMG_1187There is garlic coming up in this bed as well.  But since we love garlic and since it keeps well, the more the better.

I have been thinking about getting a Greenhouse.  It is something I have wanted for a very long time.  They are expensive, but I think it would be very useful for starting seeds and extending the season.  Some things might winter over in a greenhouse and I could keep pots and planting equipment there.  I think the girls might enjoy doing a bit of scratching and pecking in it in the winter as well….so while I was out in the gardens today, I looked for a place to put one.  I think I found one.  Unfortunately, the pussy willow is in the way.  I cut it back last year anyway.  If any thing grows I will try to get cuttings to plant somewhere else.  It is too big to move, so we will cut it back completely and cover the stump to prevent growth. The stump will be in the greenhouse…not the best thing but I think I can work around it.   I will have to do a bit more research and decide.  But at least I have a sense of what size I can fit now.   It is a lot of money and a lot of space in the garden.  Would it be too hot for things in the summer?  Basil might be happy in a greenhouse… But if it is too hot to use it in the summer and too cold in the winter would it be worth it?  That is what I have to figure out.  Any advise would be more than welcome.

Meanwhile there is lots to do.  It is such a joy to be outside again….digging in the dirt.  I just love it!


About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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One Response to Spring Clean Up….a Greenhouse?

  1. Pam R. says:

    Those 2 greenhouse issues have bothered me also. The too cold one might be solved by this:

    Rocket stoves use any type of wood, scrap from construction, branches, etc. They radiate heat for a long time.

    A greenhouse that has the first 2′ from the ground up protected can be used for chickens over the winter. I’d thought about this too. They can be divided so you could put both in. (Make sure the divider is well sealed, as you don’t want chicken manure dust on the veggies…)

    The too hot one could be solved by venting the top:
    (find photo labeled “season’s End” and you can see how they made the vent.)

    They also roll the sides up in summer.

    This has been a dream of mine, but I expect it will never happen here bar miracle.

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