The Bathroom is almost Finished!

During the last heat wave, when gardening was impossible, I decided to tackle the bathroom.  It is the smallest room in our house, and none of the rooms are exactly large.  So I never imagined that I would still be working on it weeks later!  But I am.   

Twenty years ago, we added tile to the bathroom.  And we were going to paint it, get new light fixtures,  etc, to complete it…”soon.”  But time goes by and things get in the way.  And nothing really got done.  So a 10 day heatwave seemed like an opportunity to finally get to it. IMG_3631
We tiled it white with this border.  I thought I would paint the walls a light blue to match the background color of the tile. I found three colors that were close and got some sample paint to try. I tried them on the walls and HATED them! All of them. The blue just wasn’t working for me.

I had already painted the ceiling white and I had some white paint left over. So I tried it on the walls. Perfect. Crisp and clean. But it was a lot of white.

So this cabinet, which started out in life white, was painted blue at some point and painted white again to go with the blue walls, was again painted blue. But I left the doors white to lighten it a little.
But that was a bit boring so I got the idea to paint the flowers from the tile on it.


That took a ridiculous amount of time with multiple coats and multiple colors….and I am not sure I even like it!
I got some cranberry and white towels to add warmth. Blue and white can be cold.

Bill built this cute little shelf.
And installed this glass shelf above the sink.

This light fixture will be replaced.  I have found one and Bill will install it tomorrow. I have to paint behind this once it is removed.  

And we still need to hang a few pictures and add some potpourri or something.  But we are close!

And the bathroom is functional again! Since it is our only bathroom,that is a very good thing....

Now I can get back to other things…

…of far greater importance!

About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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16 Responses to The Bathroom is almost Finished!

  1. I love the pattern painted into the white doors of that little cupboard. It brings the whole bathroom together. I think it’s lovely – the whole thing.

    • pattigail says:

      Thanks Laura. I think I spent too much time staring at the flower design while I was painting it. I am starting to like it now. Such a small room and so many little details! There are no small projects I think. You must be finding a few at your new farm….which looks amazing by the way. Are your girls adjusted yet?

      • I think they’ve adjusted but that it’s just different than suburbia. They spend a lot more time in their coop – I suspect it is the birds of prey that frighten them. Then again, their coop gets a lot more sunshine than it did in suburbia and is higher off the ground so maybe they just find it comfy. The main problem (for me) is their coop is further from the house and because they don’t free range (yet) I don’t see them nearly as often. I think we miss each other!

      • pattigail says:

        Well, that is terrible. I am sure they miss you. It isn’t home without you. Maybe they need another run nearer the house. They are used to being able to visit you whenever they want. Of course now you have Adler….a betrayal in their opinion I am sure.😉

      • It is terrible. I go and visit them at least twice a day but it’s nothing compared to them wandering underfoot every time I went out the back door. I’ve had them free ranging twice, the 2nd time they did stick closer to me. I want to get a big temp run and when I have that, I’ll be able to move them where I want them – starting with out my back door. I’ve got to figure this out for their sake as well as mine.

      • pattigail says:

        We have a big temporary run….it went up in no time and it is easy to move….though we haven’t moved it yet. And we put bird netting over it to keep out the hawks. The girls love it. You will find something…good luck!

      • pattigail says:

        I just thought about this. My girls have learned to call me when they want something. I am serious. They have even learned the sound of the car and make a ruckus immediately when i come home so I come to visit them. Your girls are used to being able to visit you whenever they want so they haven’t learned this yet. I am sure they will..they learned the sound of the food processor meant treats after all. They will figure out how to control you I think. Between your girls and Adler, your behavior should be shaped up quite nicely very soon. And life will get back to normal for everyone!☺

      • We’ve talked about a temporary, movable run. One of our concerns is that the girls seem to be frightened by the birds of prey and run in their coop. If they are in a pen with no coop, won’t that freak them out? How do you handle this? The bird netting keep them safe which we know but they don’t. Bird netting wouldn’t make my girls feel safe.

        As for calling me, they used to call me often even through the closed back door. But the call they make wouldn’t be loud enough to reach me in the house. Now you’ve got me worried that they have been calling and I couldn’t hear or answer them (they are used to me mimicking their call and/or going to visit when they call).

        They seem very happy in their huge run, but I can’t help but think they wish I was in there with them. I’m feeling guilty struggling between keeping them safe and happy or free and happy.

        As for Adler, he’s been locked in the house for 1 1/2 weeks now. The chooks would have no idea we brought that beast with us. I am sure they’re going to be very upset when they learn the truth. I’m thinking it is best to let Adler free range for a while before we let the girls out on their own to try to minimise conflict.

        Lordy, keeping pets is very complicated. Why don’t I just have chickens for eggs and a cat to kill rats like a real farmer?

      • pattigail says:

        We attached the temporary run to the coop so they can go in there whenever they want. But when they were in the pumpkin patch they just called me and I would come. Because the pumpkin patch was never a place where egg laying was possible. Since there is only one perfect nesting box after all. I think if the girls called you you would hear them. I can walk Fergus all over the neighborhood and I can hear my girls if they are fighting over whose turn it is to be in the nesting box etc. So I wouldn’t worry about that. They should have some sort of shelter in the temporary run if they can’t get to the coop. Maybe Frank could build something….or even put a tarp over part of it and they might feel safe. Putting the run around trees is good because they can get under those. But it IS complicated! I have spent many more hours than I would have imagined trying to figure out how to make life better for my girls!

      • Yep, because you’re insane. I think chickens should come with a warning label that they make humans behave in the strangest ways imaginable. 🙂

      • pattigail says:

        Have you seen this?

      • :-)) No, I have never seen that. It is a CLASSIC. Sooooo funny. And true. I do want goats to make my own feta! I do bake my own bread! I moved to a farm! OMG, this is me!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really like the cabinet! I think the whole room looks very nice. It is always fun to give a room a makeover.

    • pattigail says:

      Thanks….I am getting used to the cabinet…as a kindergarten teacher I was always “decorating” the room with things from storybooks and I wasn’t sure if the cabinet was a bit more of that….but it is done now in any case so I will leave it for awhile. I agree it is fun to redo rooms, rearrange furniture, etc…Bill, Fergus and Merlin would prefer everything always stayed the same.☺

  3. hobacaitbe says:

    My wife and I enjoyed the Hazards of backyard chickens. Good job on the bathroom. I have a house full of not quite done projects, maybe I should pick one and finish it. But it was such a nice day to kayak so I did that instead.

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