Bits and Pieces

Yesterday was a day to finish up all the bits and pieces that needed to be done. It seemed as if every garden needed one little thing. And I had a few left over plants that needed planting.

First, the carrots. I started my carrots VERY late this year. Somehow, they got forgotten. I started them inside in peat pots. The seeds are so tiny this feels easier to me. They also seem to germinate faster because I can control conditions somewhat. I have been pampering them a bit and I thinned them a few days ago. They have been outside hardening off and since we are having a few days of cool, moist weather, I decided it was a good time to finally get them in the ground.

They are still very small but I hope they will do well. I have yet to get long straight carrots…short, stubby and ” interesting” is more common, but they taste great.

The new raised beds are recovering from the cold snap a few weeks ago. I tidied the paths and added straw to the strawberries. And I FINALLY planted the scarlet runner beans to climb up the bamboo teepee.

The peonies are very lush this year, if a bit droopy from the rain.

Next, was the blueberry bed. A few weeks ago I had gotten two more blueberry plants. Nourse was having an end of the season sale so why not. They have been sitting in their pots since then,waiting for a home. I have felt guilty every time I looked at them. I had toyed with planting them in the birch grove as an under planting, but then the girls got that space, so in the end I just expanded the blueberry bed and put them there.

They are behind the lupines.

The apple tree bed needed new straw and I added some basil that was left over. It is a sort of leftover bed anyway with extra lettuce, garlic and onions. The Roma tomatoes ended up there with some celery and a few zucchini.

The lamium in front is left over from the shade garden that was under the apple trees, when they were there. It insists on staying and it is lovely.

The Roma tomatoes are still small. I hope they are getting enough sun here. They are a much smaller plant than vining tomatoes though, so maybe they just grow more slowly. Time will tell. I planted the basil near them. They like basil so perhaps it will encourage them to grow.

Next was the pumpkin patch. The girls are in their new birch grove run now. I did have to add more netting. I was a bit worried about hawks but also, Miss Briana kept flying over the fence. Luckily, every time she did, Amber “tattled” on her, making such a ruckus that I came out to see what was going on. Now there is netting over all the edges and most of the middle. I will need to get a bit more for right near the door. I am using a sheet there for now.

The girls are safe and very happy in their new run.

So on to the pumpkin patch. I needed to lay down quite a bit of newspaper because the girls left lots of grass. Then I placed the bottomless pots, built up the soil there, and filled the pots with a compost mix and added the plants. I don’t actually know what I planted. I had so many “volunteer” plants from the compost, I just planted those. They are pumpkins, gourds or squash. It will be a surprise. I also planted some more zucchini and some cantaloupe. And since I still had Scarlett runner bean seeds left, I put up a bamboo teepee and added those.

I added straw around the pots and it was done. It took less than an hour I think. No digging permaculture means you can have a garden anywhere!

It felt so good to get to all that! And it is so nice to have my gardens back. I have been mostly busy with the veggie beds this year, but the flowers seem to be doing quite well on their own.

The Evening Primroses have surrounded the bench in front. This is after I thinned them last week because they had taken over the entire area. I think they like it there.

There are still a few plants left….maybe one more garden? Brookwood Shire continues to evolve….and grow. And I am loving it!

About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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  1. Looking so lovely there.. We have to meet soon for a Guinness and catch up!

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