It was a beautiful day today…the calm before the storm? We are expecting a hurricane next week, which could merge with another storm coming from the west. They are calling it Frankinstorm since it will arrive close to Halloween. But it is days away yet and they really don’t know what it is going to do. And today was warm and sunny. So I was out raking.

I noticed my girls were very noisy so I went up to check on them. Despite the warm weather,they were in the coop and fairly agitated. For no apparent reason. They didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves..

Brianna was in the nesting box where they sleep. She doesn’t usually go up there during the day.

Prudence was perched on the edge of their box (the one they were in as chicks).

Amber actually sat in the regular nesting box…the one I hope they someday lay in. They have mostly ignored those nesting boxes.

Beatrix and Maeve were roosting.

It is possible that something scared them. It is possible that they were just exploring the coop. But I couldn’t help but wonder if they might be getting ready to lay. They will be 23 weeks on Monday and the books say 20-25 weeks. Hmmm. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Perhaps some of you chicken experts out there have a notion. I will be optimistic and assume that is what it is. Stay tuned. There may be exciting news soon!

About patti

I am a retired kindergarten teacher, tending a new kind of garden now, raising chickens and exploring permaculture. I live with my husband, Bill, my beloved dog, Fergus and my cat, Mighty Merlin. We have a small cottage and a tiny bit of land called Brookwood Shire. It is our sanctuary.
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4 Responses to Nesting?

  1. Sounds very much like pre egg behaviour. Maybe tomorrow. fingers crossed.

    • pattigail says:

      Thanks. No eggs yet, but I hope they are getting ready. I just read your blog…love it. There are so many people, mostly women it seems, falling in love with chickens lately. Who knew they were so lovable? I am still afraid to let my girls free range as we have lots of hawks…but I know they want to. Maybe in the spring I will try it….they were babies this summer, and there isn’t much to free range in the winter…I have lots of gardens which would be an issue as well….another thing to research over the winter. Thanks again. I will certainly post when the eggs arrive! Patti

  2. I have no advice to give. Every once in a while my girls act strangely. No idea why. My hubby thinks some nights something might get in their run and give them a night fright and the next day they are out of sorts. Or maybe they get weird just because ???? What I have learned is they go back to normal the next day – really they go back to normal within a couple of hours so just hang in there and watch and wonder at these amazing little creatures.

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